the lost vineyards dinners. rawness is delighted to introduce The Dinners SeriesThe lost vineyards dinners take you far away from the commercial highways, über-marketed wines and unflavoury standardised food and are a pretext to wander through a gastronomic region and its local cuisine and wines. Behind the art of food, gastronomy is a living language talking about culture and celebrating diversity. Aside from some extensively marketed wine legendssome vineyards are small, bound to their specific natural environment, and can’t afford producing quantity. Yet are they nested pieces of paradise that closely belong to their terroir. Sometimes, from these vineyards arise exceptional, complex and subtle wines that reflect the personality of both the land and the man. The lost vineyards dinners are the perfect place to foster prolific encounters and a forward thinking discussion, while discovering rare wines and a gourmande regional cuisine.

The latest dinner has taken place in London on 23 January 2013.
Details of the dinner served on 14 November 2012 is available here, with a detailed presentation of the wines.
Details of the dinner served on 23 January 2013 is available here, with a detailed presentation of the wines.

Take part to our next dinner planned in London on 1 MAY 2013 !

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