Philippe is an eminent wine expert specialised in Champagne. He was educated to taste in the very region where he today, after a long journey, became an internationally renown professional. His first orientation was cuisine, his second passion…after wine he discovered later. Having completed a diploma in a catering high-school, he decided to cast-off on a one-year trip as a waiter on a cruising boat over Southern Europe. That was a hard way learning experience for the young man and he had to hang on. His traveler’s spirit found a land in vineyards and wine discovery,  and his great passion slowly turned into a long-haul travel. After several sommeliers competitions, his first job as a sommelier at l’Hostellerie du Mont Aimé in the North-East of France was a decisive experience as he had the chance to take on the complete building of the restaurant’s wine cellar. It took him six years before being satisfied: ” I built the cellar on my experience of the clients tastes and discovery expectations. I wanted to build a useful management tool, not simply pile bottles up without being able to monitor ins and outs over time.” He now oversees a 45,000 bottles cellar at Les Crayères, (Restaurant le Parc, 2 Michelin stars, Reims, France) he joined in 2000 with a double challenge:  entirely reorganise the cellar (he built a front and background data-based cellar with over 60,000 bottles and 1500 available references) and had to merge an already existing senior team. “During the first year, I had a huge work on organisation and restructuring, taking into account wines ready to be served”. At this stage, his passion for cuisine became the backbone of his talent since he could eventually work hand in hand with the Chef, studying and composing a four hands score. His taste for travel could finally reach its destination: unveil Champagne as a terroir and as a wine, both to be discovered through incredible, magical pairings with a purposely designed cuisine. He even created a series of Champagne glasses especially designed to reinstate Champagne as a wine to be served all along a meal. His fine perception of the entire complex value chain, from the local vine grower to the worldwide fame of Champagne, gives him an expertise rawness is truly proud to share.