Mathilde is a French photographer and plastic artist. She’s been working as a reporter and press correspondent in Los Angeles (Le Point, l’Express, LA Times) in the early 2000’s and closely collaborated with SYGMA and AFP. Mathilde also worked with the artistic scene such as Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris and did many exhibitions in Paris, Avignon, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco… She’s also renown for her collaboration with the NY Times Magazine and Michelin-starred Chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Thierry Marx, who said: «There are the others…and her. She shows us, from the inside, how respectful we should be towards the nature since it created worlds of crossing infinities. Life in its essence arises from her apparently artificial pictures, even if she’ll tell you she never cheats with-nor edit- colours, taken in the perfection of the instant, in a precise and purposely designed light. That light on matter has become her unique signature». From photography, she’s turned into a multi-faceted artist whose highly prolific mind takes inspiration from diving deep in the matter. Her art stands as an evidence, beyond what eyes first are able to see, and draws the essence of nature in its poetry and symbolic value. Mathilde  has many times been awarded for her talent as a photographer, video installation and film maker. She also is regularly invited to scientific conferences and talks, as her art is today regarded as a critical view on our essential needs. Her collaboration with rawness has naturally emerged from her transversal vision and the way her art talks about some of today’s critical issues.