Hervé is a buoyant, highly prolific-minded man. He was raised in one of the most famous French gastronomic region: l’Auvergne. His Grand-Mother was cooking in the family inn in Saint-Nectaire and his whole family works in the catering industry. He’s passionate about gastronomy and has many old Michelin-starred Chefs friendships. Hervé started his career as a young employee in a bank, and made his own way through to top management positions in the luxury industry, from Bang & Olufsen to the high-end car industry, where he sharpened his luxury brand management skills and developed his genuine sense of generosity. His gastronomic-ever-oriented network drove him to meet the Gardinier family, the owners of Château Phelan-Ségur in Bordeaux and Le Domaine des Crayères in Rheims. The early 20th century demeure was in need to be revived as the iconic three Michelin-starred Chef Gérard Boyer retired with his stars after more than twenty years at the top of the French gastronomy. Hervé was missioned for auditing and literally fell in love with this exceptionally charming place. Since 2009, he’s been working to rebuild the immaterial value of Les Crayères. With the very first owner Louise Pommery, Marquise de Polignac’s same generosity spirit, he worked on the hospitality and restaurant teams, and hired the talented young Chef Philippe Mille (M.O.F.) who won two Michelin stars in two years. He’s been looking for the synergies all the way through, leveraging on the immense richness of the Champagne region terroir, the variety of local producers and artisans, and the incredible knowledge and talent of Philippe Jamesse, Head Sommelier and one of the best Champagne wine experts. Hervé Fort choice to re-orient Les Crayères’s values on the basic strengths of both the local richness and the House’s generosity tradition, made he with his teams entirely re-thought and rebuilt a sustainable value chain. Shaping close interactions on a local scale between artisans, artists, epicures, schools, businesses and the local authorities allowed Les Crayères to shine again on the French and international gastronomic scene. Hervé’s collaboration with rawness is a major asset.