Italian Delicatessen, San Francisco, 2008. 

«So shall we discover for each particular case, that the cuisine of a society is a language talking about its structure, unless it unveils its contradictions».
(Claude Levi-Strauss).


This is where we talk about what’s hiding beyond the Art of Food as well as the broader picture of food : the social, historical, aesthetical and scientifical meaning of eating. Gastronomy is a living language talking about our cultures, traditions and celebrating diversity. rawness showcases the best artisans around the world, those hidden locals who have the mastery of an international reputation as well as the most prestigious & talented Chefs, their art, philosophy & vision of the world. Aren’t they the best guides to understand the relationships between food and food supply systems, sustainability and the social significance of how we eat ? Moreover, while exploring the numerous existing ones, we discover the new interactions between food and other disciplines.

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