We very much value your feedback, ideas & comments which we find inspiring! So, whenever you’d like to send us a commentshare an ideameet & discuss about contributing to rawness, please email us on: contribute@rawness.org with ‘contribute to rawness’ as a title.

We’d be particularly interested in hearing from you if you feel your content is in keeping with rawness philosophy and that your work displays a high level of technical proficiency & expertise on a given topic, strong narrative and story elements and/or addresses subject matter of international interest in the fields we cover. If in doubt, send us an email. Not all work submitted is featured on our website but we are open to providing feedback and advice for future work and submissions.

If your content is a video, please refrain from directly uploading to other video platforms and sending us the link to that video. We recommend using either wetransfer, yousendit, dropbox or any other private file sharing platform to deliver your content for it to be previewed by our team. We’ll of course get back to you as soon as we can. All enquiries can be sent to contribute@rawness.com.

Please also read our terms & conditions for submission.