credit photo: Vincent Assante di Cupillo @Studio Harcourt

Caroline Ha Thuc is a French Hong Kong based art writer and curator. Specialized in Asian contemporary art, she contributes to different magazines such as ArtPress in France and Pipeline in Hong Kong.  Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Ha Thuc spent two years in Tokyo and published ‘Nouvel Art Contemporain Japonais’ (Nouvelles Editions Scala 2012) about the post-Murakami Japanese art scene. Her book ‘Contemporary Art in Hong Kong’ (Asia One, 2013), which was first published in France (Nouvelles Editions Scala, 2013) provides essential keys to apprehend the city’s vibrant contemporary landscape and exposes the countless links between art, history, culture and identity. She recently published a book about Chinese contemporary art analysing the interactions between the art scene and China’s rapidly changing society (‘After 2000 : Contemporary Art in China’ published in French language Nouvelles Editions Scala, France 2014 & MIP, Hong Kong 2015 for the English and comprehensive version).

As a curator, she focuses on promoting dialogue between artists from different cultures. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Radiance’ (French May, Hong Kong, 2014), ‘Hong Kong Bestiary’ (Platform China, Hong Kong, 2014), ‘Shelters of Resistance’ an in-situ installation by Kacey Wong in the courtyard of the City Hall (YIA Art Fair Paris, 2015) and recently ‘The Human Body : Measure and Norms’ (Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015). Caroline is also the curator of ‘Human Vibrations’, a Hong Kong large-scale public media art festival (2016).